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Product update: WeVideo adds simultaneous webcam and screen recording

/ Nitesh Dutt

As the leading cloud-based video creation platform for business, education and everyday creators, WeVideo strives to continue to grow and add features. Especially when a feature is highly requested by our community.

One such feature is the ability to easily record from your webcam and screen at the same time. This feature is immediately available to all of WeVideo’s Unlimited, Business or Professional plan subscribers at no additional cost. The feature is also available for all WeVideo for School plans. 

This new addition takes full advantage of the first-of-its-kind WeVideo Jumpstart feature. WeVideo Jumpstart enables users to instantly begin editing and enhancing their video projects in the Cloud without waiting for files to upload. This unique time-saving feature is only available on WeVideo.

Unlike other video editing platforms, WeVideo’s simultaneous recording from a webcam and screen feature does not require an extension or extra software to work. 

This feature makes it easier for business customers to create content such as product demos, webinars and more. Simultaneously recording from a webcam and screen is also a popular feature among YouTubers, most notably avid gamers and those who create and share DIY tutorials. 

On the education side, teachers can create instructional videos for their classrooms or professional development with fellow teachers. Students can use this new feature to show their thought processes through video. This could include anything from reflecting through video journals, explaining their solution path in math, or annotating informational or literary texts.

This feature adds even more value to WeVideo’s already robust library of video editing features. Users can enhance each video track individually by including things like animated text, motion titles, green screen, and unlimited access and use of WeVideo Essentials™, a built-in stock library with over 1 million videos, images, and music tracks. Users can also export videos in stunning 4K ultra-high-definition resolution.