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Make Spring break memories worth sharing with video

/ Nitesh Dutt

Instead of love, it’s Spring that’s in the air. From flowers blooming to Spring Break, there’s a lot to do and even more memories to make. In the following week, and even months, you’ll see everyone’s Spring Break photos plastered all over social media and hear all the stories from friends and family. But, make your memories last longer and more enjoyable to share with video. 

You’ll need a WeVideo account to help you create a video. Don’t have one? Sign up for FREE or, for a limited time, purchase a select annual plan and save 60%!

Start from scratch or choose a Spring-themed video template

From your Dashboard, click Browse all > Library > Seasonal, and choose a template to work with. Customize and make it your own by uploading and using your own images, videos and changing the text and sound effects to your liking. Once you have it the way you like it, skip to the end and export your finished video.

Not sure how to get started and need a little inspiration? Give one of WeVideo’s customizable Spring themed video templates a try. Templates come complete with audio, sound effects and text. 

Here are just a few seasonal templates from WeVideo.

Spring templates

The only fever worth having in April is Spring fever! Get your friends and family hyped with this video template.


Everyone needs a break and a chance to share their adventures. Share yours with this Spring Break video template.


Easter templates

Spring Break isn't the only way families spend time making memories together. There's also Easter. You have cute kids hunting for eggs and babies dressed as bunnies, share all the memories with one of these video templates.


Not using a template? From your Dashboard, start a new edit and choose from one of three formats (square, horizontal or vertical).

Find even more Spring and seasonal video templates

Upload your media

Importing your media to WeVideo is simple. Upload directly from your computer or import from sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram and more! If you’re using a mobile device, upload photos and videos using the WeVideo app for iPhone or Android. From there, you can continue your edit using our full-featured, cloud-based web app on your laptop or desktop.

Put things in motion with animation

Are most of your Spring and Easter memories on your phones or a camera? Did you take nothing but pictures? Well, you can still turn those photos into an awe-inspiring video. The easiest way to make this happen is by implementing the Ken Burns Effect. This is simply taking a photo in your timeline and panning and zooming which creates the effect of a camera recording footage. After dropping photos into your timeline, you can add the Ken Burns Effect to each individually or all photos simultaneously.

Add a Spring flair with text

Choose from one of WeVideo’s Spring-themed motion titles (hearts, cupid, everything adorable!) or from one of the many others in our library. Add single or multiple layers of text to your video to send your message.

Hit the right note

Every WeVideo account comes with a library of music, sound effects and other audio. Use this to your advantage and add audio that’ll keep your friends and family glued to your video and give them major FOMO. With a Professional plan, you gain access to even more stock media files and can choose from over 1 million audio, image and video clips.

3 ways to easily add music to video online in 2022 [with free options] 

Export and share your Spring fun

You did it! You’ve uploaded your videos and photos, add motion titles, some music and effects, now your Spring break masterpiece is complete. All that’s left is choosing your resolution and exporting directly to your Google Drive, YouTube or elsewhere. Once exported you can download and share your video with a link, embed it on your website, share on social media or send it to someone you love.