Two young children using a laptop to create videos in the classroom

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More than video creation

Deeper learning Deeper learning

Deeper learning comes from true engagement, and video creation requires engagement at every step! From crafting narratives to filming and editing, students actively construct meaning via higher-order thinking.

Communication Communication

Students who create videos develop critical communication skills that will serve them beyond graduation as they move onto higher education and embark on professional careers.

Creativity Creativity

In the process of making videos, students have to think creatively about problems and propose their own solutions. Creativity is an important skill itself but also serves to enhance learning at every age.

Critical thinking Critical thinking

Videos aren’t just for fun! Students of all grade levels are encouraged to build and demonstrate critical thinking through data analysis, reasoning, and interpretation.

Motivation Motivation

Here’s a benefit that any teacher can attest to: students love videos. Multimedia projects significantly increase student motivation and engagement in the learning process.

Digital literacy Digital literacy

No surprise here: video creation helps students increase competency in technology, which is an essential skill for the current generation of learners.

Multimedia creation optimizes learning outcomes

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Elementary age student with glasses using laptop and writing on notebook


Authentic over artificial. Engage students in learning that is both meaningful to them and mirrors the world outside the classroom. By creating videos and other media, students see how their work impacts their life and those around them.

Early elementary age girl wearing headphones and taking notes from laptop


Communication over consumption. Rather than passively consuming media, we believe in actively creating it. We provide tools for students to communicate in effective and compelling ways through video.

Teacher standing behind an elementary student at his laptop creating videos


Progress over perfection. Students are more than a score. Multimedia creation naturally supports ongoing discovery, reflection and growth. We believe in supporting students in their learning and growth from beginning to end.

Three elementary students smiling in front of laptop while making videos


Impact over invisibility. WeVideo is on a mission to empower students to discover their voice and make an impact in the world. To fully support student voice, we must develop the right conditions in which their voice is heard and recognized.

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