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WeVideo Certified Educator Course


Congratulations! You’ve completed the learning content for this course. We hope you’ve learned some tips and tricks for effectively facilitating media projects and activities in your classroom.

To complete this course and apply for the WeVideo Certified Educator badge, complete this assignment designed to help you apply and demonstrate your learning from this course. 


Use the classroom tools in WeVideo to facilitate a media project or activity and reflect on your experience. This could be a project or activity from WeVideo's assignment library, or one you design yourself. If you are an instructional design facilitator or coach, you can work with a classroom teacher to implement a media project or activity. 

Submission & Follow Up: 

Submit a screen shot of turned in media from the assignment page in WeVideo, a description of the project or activity, and a 1-2 paragraph reflection on your process via the submission form below. We would love to see what your students create, so we've included the option to include links to student artifacts from the assignment.

We will review your submission and get back to you within two weeks with either your badge certifying completion, or feedback to improve. 

Share Your Learning:

You can help inspire other educators to facilitate media projects and activities in the classroom! When you receive your badge, we encourage you to share a celebration of receiving your badge along with the assignment you implemented and a link to this course to social media. Use the hashtag #WeVideoCreative and tag us @wevideo so we can repost!