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Scaffolding media creation in the classroom

As you plan to make media creation a regular part of your classroom, it's good to think about how to scaffold media-making skills. In this lesson, we'll offer some tips and great beginner activities you can use to get started with media creation in the classroom. Then, we'll talk about how to build upon those skills and review projects you can use to level up your students creation skills!

WeVideo's Assignment Ideas Library

You don't have to wait to get started with media creation in your classroom. Get started right away with WeVideo's Assignment Ideas Library

WeVideo's Assignment Library is chock-full of media projects and activities that you can easily assign to students with a single click. Looking for an activity to try today, this week, or this month? We've got you covered!

Check out this video to see how it works and peruse the full library to find activities your students can try right away.


Getting started with media creation in the classroom

As you begin to infuse media creation in your classroom, you'll want to consider how to scaffold media-making skills. A good place to start is with a simple, fun, low-stakes video creation activity. This helps lower cognitive load so students can focus on learning to edit. We recommend starting with one of the following activities. These activities are designed to help build community in the classroom while also teaching students the basics of editing videos with WeVideo. This makes them great activities to try in the beginning of the school year as you forge your learning community, but of course, they can be used anytime of the year. 

These three activities align with the assignment at the end of the WeVideo Certified Student Level 1 Course. Have your students complete the Level 1 Course to learn the basics of WeVideo, then have them complete one of these three assignments to create their first video and earn a badge. This will set your students up for success the rest of the year! Students can complete the Level 1 Course and one of these three video creation activities in as little as two to three class periods. When you're done, host a student film fest for students to get to know each other better!

Level up media projects in the classroom

Once students have learned the basics of video editing with WeVideo, it's time to introduce content. A good intermediate project to implement next is to have students demonstrate understanding of content by turning something like a traditional writing assignment, report, or presentation into a mini-documentary project. Students can use media from the stock media library to build their project. No need to capture original media yet. Here are a few good Level 2 projects from WeVideo's library to try. 

Advanced media-making projects

Once students have learned how to edit a video using stock media, you might think about launching a long-form media project. At this stage, students can record original footage and stitch together a short documentary. For example, students might conduct community-based research on an issue they care about. Now we're truly amplifying youth voice and giving young people the tools they need to create original content and make an impact on the world! Here are a few projects from the Assignment Ideas Library you might try, but of course, you can also design your own.