Video moves business.

Impress. Engage. Boost your business with video.

Grow your business with compelling professional-quality video that you create in minutes from your phone, computer or tablet.

Be everywhere.

Video is the most effective way to put social media and advertising to work for you.

Engage the world.

Drive your story and message to everyone who matters including clients, potential customers, and staff.

Create like a pro.

Time is money. Get results fast. WeVideo makes it easy to produce incredible 4K results that rival big-budget productions without the expense and delays.

Business video made easy.

Control your brand and creativity, no experience required. Our Cloud-based platform delivers massive video creation horsepower to the computers and mobile devices you already have. Work anywhere, in the office, at home, or on the go. WeVideo's JumpStart™ technology lets you work at the speed of inspiration.

Big budget look without the price.

Your biggest ideas come to life with included green screen technology, voice-over narration, slow motion and many more professional-grade features. 4K video resolution ensures your videos always look incredible on every screen.

Your brand. Your look.

Easily create videos with your brand’s personality, logo and colors. Custom info cards and compelling calls-to-action help drive awareness and conversions.

Be part of the team.

Shared media libraries make it easy for your entire team to collaborate. Everyone can contribute photos and video clips, as well as edit video from different locations and devices.

Professional support.

You are always on the red carpet with our responsive customer success team. WeVideo Academy is packed with tips, tricks and training resources.

Get creating.

Get your feet wet with WeVideo for free or dive in today with extremely affordable premium plans starting at only $4.99 a month.

Memory makers
$ 4 .99/mo 9 .99/mo
Billed annually
Billed monthly
Publish 30 minutes per month
720p HD resolution
Premium editing features on desktop, iOS and Android
Passionate video creators and businesses
$ 7 .99/mo 15 .99/mo
Billed annually
Billed monthly
Publish unlimited videos
4K Ultra HD resolution
Premium editing features on desktop, iOS and Android
VIP video processing and support
Advanced marketing tools
Occasional video creators
$ 29 .99
One-time payment
One-time payment
Publish 20 minutes total
720p HD resolution
Premium editing features on desktop, iOS and Android
Save 50% with annual billing

Going big?

Bring movie magic to the entire team with one of our group and company-sized solutions. Custom implementation? No problem. WeVideo has hundreds of whitelabel and tailored solutions across the world. Customers include some of the top universities, nonprofits, film institutions, brand name and media companies and even an entire country's education service provider.

Your first video starts now.

Set your creativity free with:
  • Green screen
  • Picture-in-picture effect
  • Screencasting
  • Motion control
  • Voice over narration
  • See all features
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