Scale your business with interactive video

Interactive video

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Improves learner engagement

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Boosts content retention

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Promotes active learning

Why PlayPosit?

With WeVideo's interactive video product, PlayPosit, learning professionals are empowered to create engaging, flexible, and effective programs for employee onboarding, development, and retention.
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Top-shelf features, boundless benefits

Create with confidence Create with confidence

Powerful and easy-to-use interactive video tools enable teams to create dynamic learning experiences without overburdening IT departments. 

Made to scale Made to scale

Pull from our template library (+make your own!) to create more content—faster. Save time by using similar lesson structures across courses and modules. 

Measure & assess engagement Measure & assess engagement

As viewers engage with your content, you get the results! Make data-informed decisions about product updates, training curriculum & more.

Collaborate with teams Collaborate with teams

Multi-seat plans allow anyone to collaborate on video content (from anywhere). Share projects & asset libraries so that everyone’s in sync and working toward common goals.

Unlock ROI with interactive video