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Why PlayPosit Is the Perfect Lite Learning Management System

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Choosing the right Learning Management System (LMS) can seem like a daunting task with seemingly no correct answer. There are a million bells and whistles to choose from and many of them are way more extensive than what an organization will actually use or need. The most important thing to remember is that not every LMS is created equal and what’s right for organization A might not be right for organization B. 

Generally, organizations are looking for the following features:

  • Data and insights
  • Support services
  • Content organization

In many cases, the right choice is a "Lite" solution, but many organizations are unaware this option exists! Which is why we're here. Read on to learn how PlayPosit is the perfect Lite LMS for organizations looking to implement a solution that is powerful, but only in the ways that matter to them — no premium fees attached.

The PlayPosit solution

Features available in PlayPosit.


Management of content repository

PlayPosit makes it easy for administrators to manage their organization’s content using private media libraries via the powerful Administrative Dashboard. Control access within your organization and ensure that third parties never have access to your content (unless you want them to!).

PlayPosit makes it possible to create organization-wide, department-specific, and individual media libraries. This allows for granular control over an administrator’s access to content and data based on whether they are responsible for the entire organization or specific departments. Similarly, instructors will only be able to access information that is pertinent to them, preventing information overload and unruly libraries. 

Additional benefits:

  • Administrators determine the minimum and maximum privacy settings of individuals within the organization 
  • Administrative content oversight to ensure consistency and organizational standards
  • Organization-wide or department-specific data that is robust and meaningful

Even better — PlayPosit can serve as an organization’s secure video host via our in-house uploading, hosting, and recording service while organizations that have video hosts that they already know and love can integrate without any hassles. Some of the video hosting platforms that integrate with PlayPosit:

  • Kaltura
  • Mediasite
  • Ensemble
  • Zoom
  • MediaAmp
  • Wistia
  • 3C Media
  • Panopto
  • Warp Wire
  • Yuja
  • Brightcove

Data & analytics

One of PlayPosit’s most powerful and sought after features is our robust data and analytics dashboard. Think of this feature like a flashlight illuminating exactly how learners and instructors are functioning, where they're succeeding, struggling, and more. The level of data granularity is up to individual administrators and instructors.

At the administrative level:

  • Security and oversight
  • Choose to view data for one or all of the organizations within an institution's license (depending on permissions)
  • Data on student engagement
  • Data on content delivery
  • Data on content creation
  • Data on most engaged classes/courses
  • Data on most used content
  • Data on top creators
  • Insight into custom integrations 

At the instructor level:

  • View a question-by-question breakdown of learner performance
  • View average score
  • View completion status
  • Attempt history (how many times a learner makes an attempt and what there score is each time)
  • Live analytics when using Broadcast, PlayPosit's audience response system
  • Auto-scoring for certain interaction types
  • Option to choose the best score
  • Quick score mode
  • Manually score interactions
  • Reset attempts

All data is filterable and searchable, no matter your permission level. 

Course playlists

Another PlayPosit feature that enhances instruction is the course playlist application:

  • Host standalone classes/courses
  • Structure guided trainings
  • Set restrictions based on individual content needs
  • Repurpose existing PlayPosit content

All custom content is protected, and learners only progress through content as they're ready. And of course — robust data and analytics keep instructors/trainers informed on exactly how content is being used!

Course & content creation permissions

PlayPosit empowers organizations with course-wide and bulb-specific permissions for seamless collaboration and intuitive content sorting. Benefit from the creative power of multiple individuals (co-editors) or easy dissemination of pre-approved content (facilitators).

When designated as a co-editor or facilitator, bulbs populate in the libraries of those individuals, making it easy to see all information in one place. 

Multiple roles

Learning never stops, no matter what our professional titles may say. PlayPosit’s Professional Learning Suite and multiple roles feature makes staff development, training, certifications, and remote feedback simple and accessible. By transforming any individual within an organization — no matter their role — into a learner, organizations are able to consolidate learning efforts and not only save additional dollars, but achieve greater organizational efficiency. 

PlayPosit makes it easy to assign content and track data while ensuring that professional learning and development content is always up-to-date thanks to completely modular interactions. Never have to start from scratch unless you’re introducing something brand new. 

Support services

PlayPosit recognizes the importance of establishing a true partnership based on communication and support services through our highly trained instructional and support teams.

Instructional design support:

  • PlayPosit appoints an Account Manager with an instructional design background and instructional experience
  • Account Manager serves as an advocate for the client within PlayPosit, acting as their voice in development conversations
  • Account Manager provides training and informational services, keeping the client informed of updates and best practices

Technical support:

  • PlayPosit appoints a dedicated Technical Program Manager
  • Technical Program Manager will have an intimate understanding of individual client needs, concerns, goals, standards, etc. 
  • Accessible to admin, instructional designers, instructors, and learners