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Three Ways to Use Interactive Video for Exam Review

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Students studying for an exam.

PlayPosit's interactive video and course playlist tools with customizable certificates provide instructors with ways to create organized, interactive, and engaging learning experiences throughout the span of an entire course — including exam review.

Here are three quick and easy ways to do so.

1. Create exam review playlists with your own interactive content

Playlist being made in PlayPosit.

Lots of instructors use PlayPosit to make individual interactive videos. Playlists take instruction to the next level, allowing instructors to combine videos into a single, streamlined experience.

Playlists are customizable collections of videos that allow instructors to host standalone interactive courses, organize content by module and unit, build subsections of courses, supplement videos with resources like files, links, embedded content, and PDFs, and let learners earn customizable certificates of completion upon mastering the material.

In other words — playlists are perfect for exam review! No old-school study guide needed; with playlists, instructors give learners everything they need to successfully prepare for an exam. One place. One means of delivery. It's as simple as that.

By creating an exam review Playlist, instructors give learners everything they need to successfully prepare for an exam (the entire library of course content) in one place and through one means of delivery. It’s as easy as that.

Take an entire semester's worth of "key" content and combine into a playlist so that learners know exactly what to review for their final exam.

Assign learner-made content for students to create

In PlayPosit, we call this content "Learner-Made Bulbs" (our word for interactive video). LMBs empower learners to take the lead in pursuit of their academic success, because without the opportunity to apply knowledge, learning acquisition is simply acquisition.

However, by encouraging learners to create their own interactive content for exam review purposes, the learning process shifts from passive to active by focusing on learner knowledge application as opposed to merely learner knowledge acquisition, which is particularly important in demonstrating true mastery of content.

Analyze your PlayPosit gradebook for targeted review

Learner analytics dashboard in PlayPosit.

Imagine knowing exactly what content learners, individually and collectively, need help with prior to an exam? With that kind of information, instructors can hone in on the specific content learners would most likely struggle with on the exam, likely leading to higher exam scores. 

When you create interactive video content in PlayPosit, the gradebook offers access to advanced learner analytics that provide individual and overall learner understanding and deficiencies through question-by-question breakdowns of learner performance.

When it comes to creating effective exam review materials, PlayPosit offers a variety of tools for instructors and their learners to choose from!