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WeVideo partners with ClassLink on SSO integration

/ Kristen Sato

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with ClassLink, a leader in cloud-based education products, to streamline access to our video creation platform through ClassLink’s single sign-on (SSO) and rostering solution. 

The partnership establishes OneClick access to WeVideo from ClassLink’s LaunchPad, making it easy for students and teachers to discover and access our video platform. Not only does this SSO integration save time, but students and teachers can access WeVideo through the platform many of them already use. Plus, the cloud-powered integration works safely and securely from any computer, anywhere. 

ClassLink’s additional rostering solution makes it even easier for schools and classrooms to manage WeVideo users, which means teachers don't have to manually add and remove student users themselves. With streamlined management and access to WeVideo, teachers can spend more time in the classroom focused on student-produced creative projects: documentaries, newscasts, podcasts, book trailer videos and more. 

Using WeVideo for Schools via ClassLink is free of charge for current WeVideo subscribers. For more information about this partnership, view the press release