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WeVideo and Dropbox partner in higher education

/ Kristen Sato

WeVideo plus Dropbox Education
WeVideo is proud to announce a new partnership with Dropbox, a leading global collaboration platform for individuals, businesses and education. As part of this partnership, we can expand our reach and provide greater value to education customers.

And it seems like a natural fit. With deep roots and a proven track record in education, WeVideo inspires deeper learning in classrooms and drives collaboration between students, staff, and faculty at all institutional levels. For example, at Smith University, WeVideo helped first generation students tell their unique stories through video creation and collaborative sessions.

At the University of Houston, a professor used WeVideo to teach his students the impact of digital storytelling across disciplines and industries. WeVideo has plenty of success stories in colleges and universities, and we look forward to sharing even more highlights in education through our partnership with Dropbox.

Dropbox continues to grow and succeed in the education space. In fact, the number of students, faculty, and administrators enrolled in Dropbox Education rose by almost 50% between 2017 and 2018. Dropbox has also seen a significant increase in its users linking third-party apps. Enter WeVideo!

Customers who subscribe to our plans benefit from a direct integration with Dropbox at no added cost. For example, video creators can upload media files directly from Dropbox to WeVideo’s editor. Once a video is created in WeVideo, creators can export finished videos back to Dropbox.

We make it easy for users to manage their assets and finished videos in Dropbox, and we provide the freedom to do it from anywhere, on desktop or mobile. It’s a seamless, convenient and time-saving integration that we’re proud to offer.

Easily import from and export to Dropbox from WeVideo
As part of the partnership announcement, Dropbox Education Lead, Marshall Kurtz said, “Educators understand that for the next generation of knowledge workers, learning how to work together is a core competence. Bringing Dropbox together with applications that boost student engagement helps schools prepare students to succeed in the workforce of tomorrow.”

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re so thrilled to partner with Dropbox. Here at WeVideo, we’re on a mission to revolutionize digital learning through collaborative experiences, authentic expression and the power of video creation. Join us!

Learn more about WeVideo for Higher Education.