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Product update: Vertical video is here!

/ Kristen Sato

Scroll through your phone’s camera roll or gallery and you’ll likely find a bunch of vertical videos or photos that you’ve captured with your device. Now, in WeVideo, you can upload those images and clips directly to WeVideo to make a vertical video! Vertical video format, in addition to horizontal and square, is included for free with every WeVideo plan.

Why use vertical video? For one, it looks amazing on mobile devices. Want to share your videos on social media? Vertical is perfect for maximizing your brand’s exposure on sites like Snapchat and Instagram. Psst...speaking of, check us out on Instagram (@WeVideo) and tag us in your videos ?. You can also join our new Business Community on Facebook!

When you create a new edit in WeVideo, simply choose vertical video format and make your video as you normally would. You can also repurpose a video you’ve previously created in horizontal or square and save a copy of it in vertical. WeVideo does all the work to make sure your video looks incredible no matter what format you choose.

Ready to take your business marketing to the next level with video? We’ve got the perfect plan for every business. Try making your next video in vertical video format and let us know what you think!

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