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Product Update: Be heard with Audio Boost from WeVideo

/ Nitesh Dutt

Not everyone has expensive microphones to record audio or has the benefit of working in absolute silence. That’s why WeVideo added Audio Boost to an already extensive feature set.

With this new feature, boost the audio individual video clips or on a full video track up to 5x their normal levels. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to make a tutorial or product demo, a student recording a video for a class project, or an influencer recording skits for YouTube, having clear and audible audio is a big deal.

For students and teachers, this is perfect for any time they are recording in a classroom. Soft-spoken students can record and boost audio tracks so they can be heard better without having to scream into a microphone. In a noisy class or have to record in a library? Boost your audio to levels that can be heard. 

If you’re a marketer or creating videos for your business and don’t have the resources for an expensive microphone or high-end studio equipment, don’t worry. WeVideo has your back to make every step of the video creating process easy and pain-free. You can use the internal mic on your smartphone or DSLR camera to record audio and boost the levels when you start editing. Those product tutorials, demos, and reviews will be easier to hear with this new feature. 

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Audio Boost comes in handy for everyone, including influencers and YouTube creators. Sometimes you’re tasked with recording content outdoors or in an environment that’s not the best for sound. You can record as normal and boost audio levels in WeVideo. Each punchline in your skit will hit harder and bring more laughs, your vlogs can be shot in any environment regardless of noise, and every unboxing you do will be more audible. All thanks to WeVideo’s Audio Boost.

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