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Meet AI Assist, Our Suite of AI Tools for Educators

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At WeVideo, we constantly seek out new ways to empower creation, collaboration and communication through data-driven, interactive video. And our latest launch, AI Assist, directly addresses several of the issues facing educators today.

In the RAND Corporation’s 2023 State of the American Teacher Survey, researchers found that “managing student behavior, supporting student academic learning, and administrative work were top sources of job-related stress for teachers.” Those stressors align with the increased demand for delivering asynchronous education and lessons incorporating multimedia.

Whether you’re trying to reduce stress or trying to get more efficient, AI Assist was made with you in mind. Read on to learn about our suite of tools designed to help you level up your instructional video content, without leveling up your workload. We will cover three unique tools: AI Interactions, Automatic Subtitle Generator, and Background Noise Reducer.

1. AI Interactions

Currently in beta and available to WeVideo Interactivity users, AI Interactions is a tool that automatically generates and customizes interactive video questions, aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy. These can include multiple-choice questions, free responses, polls, etc. placed on top of video content. 

This feature saves time on the administrative side of lesson planning, and more time on the part of the job that’s most important – teaching. Learn how to start using AI Interactions with an in-depth guide.

2. Automatic Subtitle Generator

The Subtitle Generator harnesses the power of AI to create text subtitles of the speech in your videos. This powerful feature helps make  videos more accessible.

The Subtitle Generator is available in the Classroom space for Projects exports. Check out a full tutorial and start incorporating transcripts into your lessons.

3. Background Noise Reducer

In just one click, you can reduce unwanted background noise in your videos. Our AI technology finds the distracting audio and minimizes it… it’s that simple. That ensures your videos have crystal-clear audio quality, even if clips were originally filmed in a noisy environment. Get step-by-step guidance on how to use this feature in WeVideo Academy.

At this point, you might be thinking...


"This is cool and I want more. What's next?"

Our Product team plans to add more tools and continue to invest in AI Assist. We will share more info in the coming months, once we’ve had a chance to hear user feedback on these latest releases. That will allow us to continue to release even better features that meet your educational needs.

"I'm not sure about all this AI stuff. Where does WeVideo stand on artificial intelligence?"

At WeVideo, we’re committed to using AI technologies ethically and responsibly. That means we follow data governance principles and best practices in handling AI-related data, including data storage, processing, sharing, and retention. We also comply with applicable data protection laws, industry standards, and regulatory requirements related to AI technologies. Student data is completely private and untouched in any AI features, and we don’t use any personal data to train our models.

Additionally, educators are irreplaceable. These features are simply designed to accelerate teachers' workflows, so they can do what they do best — teach!

Get in touch with our Sales team to try all three tools yourself and find the plan that works best for your needs.