The Brady Bunch Effect

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The Brady Bunch was an iconic 60's TV program with characters and a style that remains recognizable today. One of the show's most memorable moments was the beginning: an opening shot that introduced each character interacting with one another in a tiled mosaic. This introduction accomplishes a lot. Not only do we get to meet the Brady's and their unique personalities, but it also establishes the size and diversity of the Brady family.

This kind of visual communication can be used in different kinds of corporate videos too. Imagine introducing your team, store locations, or products in such a visually compelling format! Fortunately, the Brady Bunch Effect is easy to accomplish in our online video editor.

Step 1: Choose a background

By default, the background of any video or image that doesn't fill the frame is black. If you'd like to change that, you can do so by either selecting a background from the WeVideo library or importing and using one of your own media files.

Once you have your desired background, drag the file to "Video track 1".

Blue arrow pointing towards the "Backgrounds" tab in the WeVideo timeline editor.

Step 2: Add a video layer

Next, you'll add the first section of the Brady Bunch grid to your timeline. Each section will end up having its own video track. Start by dropping one photo/video onto another track. 

Blue arrow pointing towards "Video track 2" in the WeVideo timeline editor.

Step 3: Resize and move

Double-click on the media file you placed in the other track, then navigate to the Transform tab. Once you're in the Transform tab, you can scale the media file and move it around by clicking and dragging on the file in the right window.

Click "Save Changes" when you are ready to move forward.

The "Transform" tab in the WeVideo timeline editor.

Step 4: Add multiple layers

Now that you have your first section done, you'll want to repeat the process for each separate section. Make sure to add a new track for each section. You can do this by clicking the "+ Track" icon in the left corner above your track names.
Blue arrow pointing towards the "+ Track" icon in the WeVideo timeline editor.
..and that's how you recreate the Brady Bunch Effect in our video editor!