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How podcasting creates an outlet for students to grow

/ Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad

student creating podcastEveryone has beliefs, feelings, and experiences, but not everyone has a way of sharing them. Think back to a time when your own thinking evolved. What helped push you forward? Were you inspired by someone else’s story or voice? Creating art out of stories is a canvas for driving change.

The next time you want your students to answer a question, reflect on what they learned, or write a report, try podcasting as a way for them to tell their story. 

Podcasting can provide an outlet for students to be more creative and innovative, think more critically, communicate effectively to inspire change and collaborate to make an impact. Our students each have something to say and that’s what makes their story special. The world needs to hear it. Our job is to make that possible.

students podcasting

They’ll not only be more motivated to engage, but they’ll deepen their learning through creative processes: connecting new ideas, building communication skills (like sequencing a story in an interesting way) and speaking courageously. 

One of my favorite learning tools that can help students plan their podcast is a Persuasion Map. This helps students formulate ideas for a podcast by determining their purpose or goal, identifying three reasons to support it (with three facts or examples to support each reason), and developing a strong conclusion.

You can find a downloadable Persuasion Map here. 

Let’s give our students opportunities to create and be heard. WeVideo is a platform in which they can share their unique perspective with the world and possess the mindset that they don’t have to wait until they grow up to make a difference. Their ideas can impact people now.

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