District spotlight: Blue Valley Schools, Kansas

/ Max Thorpe

Video creation in all grades and subjects“Video creation is necessary for communicating today. WeVideo allows students to create high-quality videos so they can connect to the world they are trying to change.”
-Brad Moser, Director of Blended Learning

The WeVideo Education team took a trip to Blue Valley Schools in Kansas to see how the students utilize WeVideo in their classrooms. There, the team spoke with Brad Moser to find out why they chose WeVideo and how the students show their creativity.

What is your role at Blue Valley Schools?

My name is Brad Moser and I'm the Director of Blended Learning at Blue Valley Schools. I have been in education for 13 years. 

Tell us how you chose WeVideo for your schools.

It’s online and runs on Chromebooks. The best feature is the bank of b-roll images, videos and gifs. You can chromakey practically anything (green-screen). It runs anytime, anywhere. 

video green screen in the classroomWhat changes have you seen in your teachers and students with the use of WeVideo in the classrooms?

Looks of video projects created by teams of students. Teachers are more open to leveraging video for an instructional tool, but also to allow students to create videos as final projects. 

What is the most valuable skill that you believe kids learn by creating content with WeVideo?

Being able to put power behind their voice. Videos help magnify and connect to others using emotion through images, video, songs, audio and more. These are technical skills that are powered by human input.

How does WeVideo tie into the 21st-century skills currently being taught at your school?

Creating and designing are key skills. Storytelling is also important. When a student creates a story to tell, they need a medium or platform to share it. We know that images say a thousand words, so creating videos allows students to share millions of words and ideas in a few minutes. 

Why should districts implement WeVideo or any type of video editing software?

Video creation is necessary for communicating today. People don't skim through an article to learn about how to change a flat tire or the news update for the day, they watch a video that is done well. WeVideo allows for students to create high-quality videos so they can connect to the world that they are trying to change. 

Are there multiple departments or teams using WeVideo?

Yes, all our secondary schools have access. However, mostly our 9 middle schools currently use it because they have Chromebooks. Though some high schools even use it sometimes on their Macbooks. Our elementary folks will be using it more heavily next year, as we are moving the 3-5 grades to Chromebooks too.