4 ways educators are using GIFs

/ Jeremie Gluckman

Did you hear the news? WeVideo launched GIF creation for educators!

We’ve seen in our research that teachers create GIFs for all sorts of reasons:

  • it’s easy to embed in email and documents
  • it connects visuals next to the words (instead of having to click to watch a video)
  • attach to assessments as feedback
  • short screen capture tutorials 
  • greeting cards
  • to demonstrate skills
  • capture the interest of students and help them remember concepts.
  • short ‘how to’s’ when reminding students how to do a task.

Even students are creating GIFs for their classrooms. They create all sorts of things, like:

  • use in digital infographics and documents
  • blogs and assignments 
  • exit tickets
  • visualize a quote or message as a GIF with words and images. 
  • creation mode for quick assignments i.e. six-word story or ticket out the door
  • And much more! 

Here are a few examples from our community on Twitter:

The New Market Elementary School (MD) Media Center used a GIF to promote their collection of eBooks. 

Erika Sandstrom, Digital Media Teacher at Higgins Middle School (MA) has been supporting her students remotely with social-emotional learning GIFs. 

Jake Miller #EduDuctTape Podcast host, #EduGIF Guy, and Tech Integration Coach was so excited to share the news he created this instructional GIF using screen recording and callouts all in WeVideo! 

Rayan Gornall Visual Arts teacher and WeVideo Education Ambassador in Spain uses GIFs to personalize his Google Classroom. How fun! 

There are so many ways to get creative with GIFs. Share your creations and new ideas in the WeVideo Creator Community and join our #Classof2020 graduation challenge! 

Participate here: https://creators.wevideo.com/challenges/99