Making learning more exciting

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What is your role at Fairlands Elementary School?

I’m a 5th grade teacher at Fairlands Elementary School.

Tell us about your experience with the new WeVideo.

My experience with the new WeVideo has been awesome!  It has brought new life into my classroom and made learning so much fun for my students.

How has the new workflow improved?

The workflow in the new WeVideo for schools has improved so much with the assignments that I give to my students. Now, I'm able to assign a video to my students through something similar to Google classroom and they're able to read instructions on the assignment and turn it in when they are done. Then it allows me to see who has finished, who's still in progress. It has also allowed me to have easy access to their videos where I can download them and either share them or create newer videos myself with their videos. 

What excites you about using the new WeVideo?

What excites me about using the new WeVideo is the simplified structure of it for the kids. It has less gadgets and buttons compared to the classic version of WeVideo so the students find it easier to use. What I really like about it is after they're done creating a video, they simply finish and turn it in rather than download it to their computer or upload it to their Google Drive or share it on Flipgrid. It just saves so much time and organization to have it all in one place so I can check who's done and who's still working on it.

What have you seen in your students using the new WeVideo?

My students really enjoy using the new WeVideo for schools. Gone are the days of worksheets and projects using paper for kids, it's a 21st-century learning and digital age.  They love being able to use Chromebooks at school, they love being able to collaborate with their friends on videos, they love being able to respond to questions. For example, if we're learning about the Galapagos islands or iguanas, rather than write a report or answer questions or even take a multiple-choice test, they are able to show their understanding in a deeper and more meaningful way. 

Why do you think teachers should use the new WeVideo?

I think teachers should use this new WeVideo for Schools because it makes learning more exciting. Students love to show their thinking in creative ways, they love working with each other. They love communicating, collaborating, all the four C’s of education. Teachers should use it because it motivates students to go outside the box of regular multiple choice answers. When they make a video, they really have to synthesize the information that they're learning in order to create a product to share with someone in a meaningful way. So it really sets them up to share their learning or share their thinking before they even start to read or to learn about the content, knowing they have to make a video about it. Teachers should definitely use the new WeVideo to make learning fun and more meaningful for students.