Students creating with ease

/ WeVideo

What do you like about using WeVideo on your Chromebook in school?

I love using WeVideo on my Chromebook because it's just so easy to use. It literally requires little to no instruction, like, even beginners who are not used to using laptops or anything can easily use WeVideo on Chromebooks or any type of laptop device. It's pretty self-explanatory and the quality of the video that you ultimately produce is outstanding. Everything I've produced has just been really incredible.

What is your favorite video you've created?

My favorite video I've created is the most recent one. It's my lost artists PSA, and I did mine about autism awareness and how sometimes, for the autistic community, or any type of special needs community, one of their issues is dealing with all their senses. So basically, if we hear a fire alarm, we know to exit the building, go down the stairs, and go through all these procedures. Whereas, autistic students will just hear all the sounds and see lights but will just be completely shut out and won't know what to do exactly. My video addresses one of those concerns, and how it helped them, and just to be mindful and be aware.

How is this class different from your other classes without WeVideo?

I would say this class is different compared to others because it's a lot more collaborative. We give opinions and feedback on our videos, which really help us learn and grow from our experiences.

What is it like working on a video with your classmates?

It's really nice to work on a video with my classmates because I can collaborate really nicely with others, and I can pick up a couple of ideas. For instance, recently I was working with Sarah, and she gave me a wonderful suggestion of doing a different type of fadeout to get a certain type of message across, because each thing you do on WeVideo can have a different message, from all the transitions to what you use as your images; they all ultimately go into that one message.

Has WeVideo helped you or prepared you for college and the real world?

I would definitely say WeVideo has helped me prepare for college and the real world because in the real world, we're not taking tests; we're not filling out scantrons or multiple choice answers or fill-in-the-blank. It's more open-ended, and this is what WeVideo provides is an open-ended platform for you to portray your ideas and your thoughts and just broadcast it out to the world.