Preparing students for the future

/ WeVideo

What features made you choose WeVideo? I found that it was nice to have a platform that was accessible to all the students and that it was pretty intuitive as well. They were able to either start with the basic editing or make things more complicated if they saw a more specific vision of what they wanted for their product.

What changes have you seen in your teachers and students using WeVideo?

Both students and teachers are starting to really push the boundaries of what they can do in WeVideo. Ultimately, they're getting a lot more creative with it now that they're comfortable with just the basic functionality and are exploring a little bit more. When I hear about students who are layering audio to recreate what a special needs student might hear or experience, that's something that was new that I hadn't heard from any of the students or teachers before.

With WeVideo there are fewer barriers in accessing technology, accessing editing capabilities so now students are really getting to focus on what they want to create. Some of them have really run with and it’s really amazing to see what they come up with.

What would you say to a teacher who’s not very tech-savvy and is hesitant?

I would say that you should not worry. You won't lose everything. I think the hardest part with a lot of technology is the fear that I'm going to click something and it's going to disappear. Or I'm going to click something and it's going to ruin this or that or the whole thing's just going to be gone. First of all, it's automatically saved. There is that. I think second, ultimately the best way to figure out just the extent to which you can do something is that you have to play with it. We've had a number of teachers this year who've been trying things out with Chromebooks and WeVideo and their learning curve is amazing.