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What is your role at DuJardin Elementary School?

My name is Jennifer Eggert. I am currently the Innovative Learning Coach at DuJardin Elementary School in Bloomingdale, Illinois. This will be my 9th year in education and I am super blessed to work with the most incredible administrators, staff, and students around!

How did you discover WeVideo?

I came to the Bloomingdale School District as an Instructional Technology Coach. Our Technology Committee (made up of different staff members and administrators) had just started talking about their purchase of WeVideo for students. This was BEFORE we officially went 1:1.

What are some of the most meaningful learning moments you’ve observed with WeVideo?

The most meaningful moments I’ve observed with WeVideo are the students trying to figure out solutions to problems on their own or wanting to do something differently that’s outside the box. Bringing in props from home, creating props, asking if they go ask the principal to recite quotes because they want to use it in their video.

They’re very much engaged and involved in the process of creating. We hardly have to do anything. We give them the guidelines and they’re off and that’s really cool to see.

What would you say to a teacher who’s not tech-savvy about using WeVideo in the classroom?

I would tell them to use WeVideo just for the fact that it allows students to shine. It lets them show you what they know in a way that’s completely different from a lot of traditional assignments.
It gives them an opportunity to show you that they want to learn and are paying attention and they feel so good at the end of it when they’ve created something. They want to show people. They want you to send it out to all the teachers at the school. They want to put it on the website so other students can see it. It’s really cool to see them involved and engaged in something that is meaningful for them and kind of pushing the limits of what they can do.

How has learning changed for students because they are using WeVideo?

Learning has changed in that it pushes them to be the creators of knowledge instead of just taking the knowledge. They are in charge, really, and it really makes them collaborate and it lets them show us how they can be creative in the different things that they can come up with. It also makes them problem solve because they really want to do a good job and so if they can’t figure something out, they're searching WeVideo on things on YouTube so they can help themselves figure out what to do.