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Three Ways to Use PlayPosit's Playlists with Customizable Certificates

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Customizable certificate in PlayPosit.

Did you know? There’s a way to streamline processes, save time, and produce more effective learner experiences — curate your content with PlayPosit's playlists and customizable certificates!

PlayPosit is an interactive video design studio. The playlists feature allows instructors and trainers to create rich interactive video courses (without a huge learning curve). Customizable certificates can be attached to these courses, attesting to a learner's completion of all modules within the playlist.

Playlists offer solutions for common challenges experienced by administrators, instructors & staff. With that in mind, we’re going to highlight three such challenges that can be supported with PlayPosit Playlists. 

Here are three ways to easily leverage playlists for instruction and training.

Mandatory training playlists

From new employee onboarding to Title IX sexual harassment training and everything in between, the training demands on human resource offices only continue to grow. PlayPosit playlists offer an effective solution that ensures completion with fidelity. 

With a single playlist, organizations can create interactive training sessions with features such as progress tracking, minimum module scoring requirements and certificates of completion (below).

Course foundation and introduction playlists

From an instructional standpoint, playlists offer much-needed solutions to age-old challenges. 

To the chagrin of students everywhere (college students, in particular), “syllabus week” is a thing of the past. Today, classes really “begin” before they officially begin. 

Syllabi are posted online a week or two before the first class with many professors also assigning readings and homework. Unfortunately, not all students take the initiative to find out if their professors have posted pre-class work online.

Playlists provide an opportunity to flip the script.

With playlists, instructors can create interactive and engaging content students are required to complete before the first day of class and throughout the term. Modules covering course introductions, instructor & student video introductions, academic honesty policies and learner feedback can all be delivered in a single, streamlined fashion (see example above). 

How about making an interactive syllabus? It's a great way to introduce interactivity at the beginning of the year and engage learners from the jump. See how the University of Arizona did just that.

Diversity and inclusion playlists

Another great use of playlists surrounds learner-adjacent initiatives like diversity and inclusion. 

Customized modules can be created to move accountability for diversity and inclusion from the periphery to core institutional functioning, help cultivate success, inclusion and camaraderie among employees, lead effective efforts to attract and retain a diverse team, and build institutional infrastructures and human capacity to implement such plans. 

Moreover, the interactive features available with in PlayPosit increase engagement levels and the effectiveness of the designed education.