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Interactive video for higher education

Easily develop, scale, and measure digital learning programs with interactive video.

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From our customers

"PlayPosit is a truly intuitive and highly effective solution that has been surpassing all expectations for the entire learning innovation design team since the day we integrated the platform."

Maikel Right, FIU Online Associate Director of Instructional Technology and Faculty Fellow.

Maikel Right FIU Online Associate Director of Instructional Technology and Faculty Fellow

"Every educator deserves access to top-rated professional learning support. PlayPosit brings our person-to-person coaching model to life asynchronously. The New Teacher Center is proud to be able to offer partners engaging, community-based learning experiences that work for them without sacrificing quality."

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New Teacher Center

Interactive video

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Improves learner engagement

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Boosts content retention

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Champions active learning

The PlayPosit difference

With our interactive video product, PlayPosit, instructional designers are empowered to create dynamic interactive courses, allowing learners to explore, analyze and apply concepts through digestible, retention-boosting content.

College student working through interactive video on laptop.
College students working together on project.

Endless ways to individualize the learning experience

Embed question types Embed question types

Layer questions (multiple choice, polls, free response, etc.) into new or existing video content. 

Create branched scenarios Create branched scenarios

Differentiate instruction and enable more autonomous learning answer-driven learning pathways. 

Build threaded discussion boards Build threaded discussion boards

Foster stronger collaboration and communication—even in asynchronous environments!

Implement modular courses Implement modular courses

Build and scale module courses with PlayPosit playlists. Then, use and reuse content again and again. 

Collaborate with colleagues Collaborate with colleagues

Scale instructional content faster with high-quality peer review. Create forums or small groups where instructional design teams can deliver feedback.

Design with data Design with data

Receive real-time learner data, including engagement metrics and performance results, to enhance future instruction. 

Create, measure, and maintain engagement

Interactive question appearing on top of video content.

Make videos interactive

Embed questions like multiple choice, free response, discussions, and more to video content. Perfect for synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid learning environments.

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Young adult female using phone in class to answer a live presentation question.

Boost learner participation

Present live video lessons synchronously or asynchronously, and have learners respond to questions in real time from computers, tablets, or phones.

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Turn learners into instructors

Empower learners to create their own interactive video content for content reviews, self-reflection, and active learning.

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Mock of a sample course playlist made in PlayPosit.

Build multilayered video courses

Turn your interactive video content into standalone courses, and tailor for different classes, trainings, and learning styles. Repurpose existing structures year-over-year to save time for your instructional design team.

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Various graphs showing examples of how data is captured in PlayPosit.

Assess performance & iterate

PlayPosit’s real-time analytics help instructors and teams understand how learners engage with material and retain concepts. Use this data for targeted remediation, as well as to iterate and improve upon existing materials.

More from PlayPosit customers

"The features in PlayPosit have been a hit here in DC Public Schools because they allow for all learners–students and adults– to engage with learning in an alternative format."

District of Columbia Public Schools logo.

Sakon Kieh Director of Educational Technology, DCPS

“PlayPosit allows me to optimize video resources, micro lectures, and course content by creating an engaging learning environment. The process of adding and providing feedback for PlayPosit assignments is straightforward. It’s a great tool all around.”

Raquel Perez, FIU Associate Teaching Professor of Communication Arts.

Raquel Perez, Ph.D. FIU Associate Teaching Professor of Communication Arts

"I am a previous [interactive video platform] user and PlayPosit offers way more and gives so many more options for our teachers including videos and interactions, I am excited to show them!"

Spartanburg 5 School District logo.

Stephanie Harrison Instructional Technology Coach, Spartanburg 5

LMS and video host-friendly

Ease-of-use is the name of the game. With PlayPosit, you get LTI integration with dozens of learning management systems and video hosting platforms. No hassle required.

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Aligned with what matters most


  • Meets Quality Matters standards for instructional design
  • Maintains FERPA compliance
  • Adheres to global accessibility standards, including U.S. Section 508 and WCAG 2.1
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