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PlayPosit empowers you to create interactive learning experiences that boost content retention, champion active learning, and easily scale. Dive in below to get started.

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PlayPosit features

Dashboard Dashboard

The dashboard gives a snapshot of your interactive content, assignments, and engagement metrics.

Bulb Bulb

Start by creating a Bulb. A Bulb is an interactive video created in PlayPosit.

Add a video Add a video

Select a video to add to your Bulb. Upload from various sources, record your own, input a URL, or connect to your private video host for a seamless content creation experience.

Add interactions Add interactions

Select from 9 interaction types to enrich your Bulb. Save time by reusing past interactions like Multiple Choice, Check All, Free Response, Fill In the Blank, Poll, Discussion, Pause, Web Embed, or PDF File.

Assign and share Assign and share

Choose your class, then decide how to share your Bulb. Assign it online or broadcast it live in a physical or virtual classroom, enabling real-time responses from any device.

Build a playlist and track progress Build a playlist and track progress

Create Playlists with Bulbs, documents, images, and more. Upon completion, award certificates so learners can showcase their achievements.

Manage your media library Manage your media library

Easily organize and access all your video content in one place. Collaborate with teams, edit videos, and streamline organization with drag-and-drop functionality and more

Actionable analytics Actionable analytics

Leverage real-time analytics to help you understand how learners grasp and retain concepts.

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