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Two elementary-aged children and their teacher, looking at something on an iPad.

See why others LOVE using interactive video

Other schools and districts already use PlayPosit (a WeVideo product) to:

  • Empower curriculum & instruction teams to create actionable and multifaceted content.
  • Save time for their educators.
  • Maximize the impact of professional development programming.


5 reasons DC Public Schools loves PlayPosit title card.

Achieve academic excellence from the start

Active learning = better retention Active learning = better retention

Engage learners with interactive "Bulbs". Multiple choice? Fill-in-the-blank? Free response? Check, check, and check! Pull from ready-made templated interactions or save your own to simplify future creation.

Leverage rich learner analytics Leverage rich learner analytics

Evaluate real-time performance and behavior-based metrics, plus high-level Admin views that offer a look at learning & engagement across your school or district. 

Make learning a shared goal Make learning a shared goal

When anyone can create and share content, traditional classroom roles are expanded. Learners become instructors, instructors become observers, and everyone becomes an invested participant. (No more hiding in the back row!)


Take feedback beyond the classroom Take feedback beyond the classroom

Create a collaborative learning environment among educators through high-quality peer review. Set an open forum and allow everyone to chime in on instructional strategies, or create small groups and foster better cross-departmental unity.

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