Collaborative Online Video Creation

for the 21st century classroom
At Richland Two, our 30,000 students and educators have access to a collaborative video creation platform, allowing them to engage from home or school without the need to install any software.
Donna Teuber, Technology Integration Coordinator, Richland School District Two in Columbia, SC

WeVideo enables engaged learning

Online video projects are a great way to encourage student creativity and storytelling, as well as increase student involvement. Media engages today’s digital native. Video creation projects enable multimodal learning and develop 21st century skills. WeVideo for Schools also includes WeVideo Education Channel - curriculum aligned Online Film Fests.

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Video Projects and Common Core Standards

WeVideo enable student collaboration on video projects to build multimedia presentations and thereby addressing Common Core standards. This not only constructs deep knowledge about a topic as they engage in building a video project, but it also develops 21st century skills. WeVideo can be a different avenue for kids to build confidence and self-esteem and open up a backdoor into academic work.

21st Century Skills

Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration are the 4 C's of 21st century skills. With WeVideo educators can strengthen these skills through video projects. WeVideo opens up a variety of collaborative models:

  • teacher initiation of video projects by starting the story
  • individual or teamwork
  • teacher or team member review during the creation process
  • screening of student movies with feedback and reflection from the whole class

Integrate mobile into the learning process

Smartphone cameras are getting better and their accessibility and usability makes it a powerful video recorder. WeVideo supports capturing and creation on-the-go by it’s companion apps for Android and iOS. In this way students can use their favourite gadget to capture videos from a field trip or when portraying their grandparents, make a rough edit on their smartphone and finish the edit on the web when they are home.

Adaptive and inclusive learning environment

WeVideo provides an adaptive learning environment that is ideal for class projects where students may have a wide disparity of skills. WeVideo comes with three editing modes, from novice to advanced. The adaptive interface allows students to move easily between each level, based on their experience and familiarity with video editing. Educators can encourage each student to participate at their level, and advance at their own pace.

Private and secure "Walled Garden"

Privacy is important in public education and many districts have strict usage policies on how they can use student faces, names etc online. We introduced a private, secure “Walled Garden” for schools and districts where the default behavior is that students can only share videos in their private project to teachers and students, and then the teacher can publish to the world.

No hardware. No installation. No Internet. No boundaries

WeVideo decouples video projects from localized technology resources like hardware and software. It works across any device - mobile, tablets, laptops, Chromebooks & desktop computers, which makes video in the classroom accessible. Educators can use it and know that their students’ attention will be on the content. Students don’t have to worry about having access to a single editing computer at school or the correct software installed at home.

Great Value!

For just $149.00 per semester (or $249.00 for an entire year), up to 50 students can get started with WeVideo. Looking to expand the use of video beyond the classroom? No problem! Volume license pricing is available for multi-class, school or district subscriptions, too, at lower costs per student based upon increased volume.

For volume license pricing inquiries, please contact sales.