What's New With WeVideo


What's New With WeVideo

We've made a lot of changes to improve the user experience and functionality of our already amazing multimedia creation tool. Join Ryan Kochevar and Alexis Canas check out what to expect when you log into your WeVideo account to start the year! Learn about our Next-gen editor, see our brand new Assignment Ideas Library, jump into our real time collaboration feature, and check out new ways to share and watch WeVideo projects! 

Ryan Kochevar 

Ryan is WeVideo's Director of Customer Success Enablement with over a decade of experience in K-12 education. Ryan creates instructional resources, designs and leads teacher training and workshops, and provides all kinds of ideas on how to use WeVideo in the K-12 classroom. Ryan holds a Master's degree in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning with an emphasis in educational technologies from Sonoma State University.

Alexis Canas

Alexis is a Customer Success Manager with WeVideo, he received Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from University of California Merced. During his time at WeVideo, Alexis has helped numerous teachers transform the learning experience, one video at a time. He is passionate about helping educators use technology to engage with learners, as well as monitor their needs. With WeVideo he supports educational teams to elevate instructional practices and meet institutional goals.