Kids love to create digitally - videos, podcasts, slideshows, etc. Leverage that interest for high engagement - while at the same time honing skills in key future ready competencies like communication, innovation, working together, thinking critically, building community. WeVideo is...

  • easy to use. Learners will be creating from day one. 
  • for ALL your learners - any grade, any subject area, any device.
  • allows for choice - videos, podcasting, green screen projects, slideshows, screen capture, narratives, news, etc. 
  • deeply integrated with G Suite
  • a cloud app - meaning: any device, collaboration, privacy compliance, easy management

Now you can effectively evaluate WeVideo in your district with our structured evaluation program. Get the complete, unlimited WeVideo for Schools experience. Our education team will provide your administrators and instructional staff with the assistance they need to fully evaluate WeVideo for Schools, including:

  • Implementation services
  • Product training for teacher or coach evaluators
  • Assistance in creating a research framework for the evaluation
  • Survey evaluations before, during and after pilot
  • Simple path to convert to a paid district account
  • Dedicated support

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Why WeVideo?

Voice and Choice in every grade & subject area. Creative tools to make thinking visible. WeVideo is the number 1 digital creativity app for K12 for two reasons....

(1) The fun, creative stuff students & teachers love! 
  • green screen - a favorite activity - it unlocks the imagination in powerful ways
  • screen recording - evidence of learning, created by students in their own voices
  • podcasting - make student voice a reality
  • slideshows & voiceover narration - tried and true - easy peasy
  • stock library for creating - need a video clip of...well...anything? here are some examples
(2)  The mission critical stuff required by school leadership
  • school and district wide user management
  • deep Google integration - including domain sync, Classroom, Drive, & Docs 
  • Additional integration: O365, Schoology, Canvas
  • walled garden for COPPA, FERPA, GDPR and state compliances
  • cloud based - for collaboration and group work, and accessing WeVideo on ANY device  
  • includes massive amount of cloud storage and video rendering - no burden on school IT
  • robust support and success team for our education customers

Looking for a smaller evaluation, or just have some questions? Contact our team 

The WeVideo structured pilot evaluation program includes signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to outline WeVideo's commitments, the pilot timeline and scope, and the school or district's commitments to ensure a thorough evaluation with participation or sign-off from school or district leadership. The cost to pilot WeVideo for Schools varies depending on the size of implementation. 

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