Contributed by:
Nathan Lang-Raad | Chief Education Officer | WeVideo

Meme template

Meme template

Rather than starting with a blank timeline, templates provide the option to work from a pre-made foundation that guides students and teachers through creating a video for a lesson or project. It provides a framework for projects with WeVideo, without limiting creativity and potential for demonstrating learning.

Memes are great to explain quick topics and illustrate concepts in a way that is fun and accessible. They usually involve an image of a video with text overlaid and can be super funny. You can also export a meme as a GIF.

We’ve seen that teachers create GIFs because/for…

  • It’s easy to embed in email and documents
  • It connects visuals next to the words (instead of having to click to watch a video)
  • attach to assessments as feedback
  • short screen capture tutorials 
  • greeting cards
  • to demonstrate skills
  • capture the interest of students and help them remember concepts.
  • short ‘how to’s’ when reminding students how to do a task.

Teachers have students create GIFs for…

  • use in digital infographics and documents
  • Blogs and assignments 
  • exit tickets
  • visualize a quote or message as a GIF with words and images. 
  • creation mode for quick assignments i.e. six word story or ticket out the door
  • And much more! 

Here are a few examples of Memes and GIFs from our community on Twitter.