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The “Put Your Best Face Forward Project,” is a project led by teacher Pamela Fordham and Kristi Scalzo, who were looking for a unique and personal way for our students to observe Black History Month. After the initial launch of the project on our school TV program, to satisfy the many requests to see all of the student project photos, I made a video on the WeVideo phone app.

My simple WeVideo phone app creation that I posted on Facebook kind of went viral with nearly 15,000 hits to date; our local network news caught wind of success of the project and put it on air.

Sharing these videos really helps create a connected community with students, staff, and parents. The recognition and tremendously positive feedback we received on the project had a very powerful impact on the teachers and students involved. It is not often that the great things happening in our public schools get this sort of positive and widespread exposure. It was deeply gratifying to see our school and students shine so brightly with such an important educational goal as Black History Month.

6-8 9-12 K-5 Schoolwide