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Check for understanding



Need a quick, formative check for understanding or an exit ticket at the end of a lesson or an activity period? Have students submit a quick webcam or screencast video showing what they learned. Not only does a video recording offer a different way to help learners share what they know, it also helps you further integrate video creation and editing into your classroom routines and instructional practice.

Keywords: Getting Started, Reflection, Assessment

Good for: Individual work, first video projects

Grade level: K-12

Skill level: Beginner



Student Instructions

Copy and paste the information below directly into the description box when creating your student assignment, or, use it as inspiration to make your own!

Create a short video sharing one thing you learned from our lesson today. You can use either the webcam recording or the screencast to share your thinking with me. 

If you need help getting started follow the steps below:

  1. In the Classroom editor, select the record button above the media window
  2. Select video, and then choose either the screen, webcam, or screen and webcam option
  3. Click “Start recording” and tell me what you learned about during our lesson/activity today. Be sure to also share what you felt was successful or what you felt was challenging.
  4. When you are finished recording, your video will appear in your media window. 
  5. Drag the video into your editing timeline and submit your video! 
Lesson planning support

Tips to help your instruction in this activity or help to get you started!

  • This activity is great for the end of any lesson to gauge progress on student learning. Not only do exit tickets and quick checks for understanding help you form an idea of where a student is at in a particular topic, but also gives your students a way to share what they know in a different way than the traditional pencil and paper or oral exit ticket. 

  • Student instructions are light due to the various ways you may use exit tickets across your lesson plans, unit plans, and content areas. Use this activity where it fits for you in your instructional routines.

  • This activity also helps you incorporate video into your daily routine and creates good habits for using video creation in your instructional practices with students!

Technical Skills

Students Will…

Academic Skills

Students will…

21st Century Skills

Students will…

  • Learn how to make a quick webcam or screencast video

  • If using Chrome, practice using the Quick Recorder Extension

  • Share their thinking about a topic or subject

  • Make their learning visible through oral reflection

  • Communicate to others about their learning 

  • Be creative in the way in which they reflect upon their learning

Getting Started: The variable nature of this activity will allow you to embed these quick assessments into your daily routines and practices to help both you and your students integrate video creation as an everyday objective for your class.

Assessment: This activity fits perfectly as an informal, formative assessment to give you an idea about where students are making or are not making progress in a lesson, activity, or unit. Depending on the topic and the subject matter area, this can help inform your future lessons to help your students along in their learning. 

Reflection: While this activity is designed to be a quick check for understanding, allowing students to share one thing they learned, what might have been successful, or what might have been challenging, you should shape the instructions in a way that best fits your class, age or grade, or subject matter content. Perhaps it makes more sense for you to use this as a quick quiz, or perhaps you would like your students to reflect deeper in their learning by connecting it to content taught previously.