How to create GIFs in WeVideo

/ Max Thorpe

To create a GIF in WeVideo, start by going to your dashboard and selecting the GIF option. Next, select any video clips, images, graphics or motion titles you’d like to include and drag them to your timeline. Keep in mind that GIFs are meant to be a smaller file size, so you’ll want to keep things short. 

Once you’re set, simply click Finish like you would to export a video. You'll have the option to export as a GIF or as a video. If you're working on a video, you’ll also have the option to export as a GIF, as long as you keep it short so the file size is small. You can further reduce or increase the file size by adjusting the frame rate. To do this, select Advanced settings. The GIF defaults to 10 frames per second but you can lower it to 6 to be smaller, or raise it to 25 for a smoother visual effect.