Getting started with the Power plan

/ Max Thorpe

In this episode, Max and Tyler sign up with a brand new WeVideo Power plan and showcase all of the different features available on WeVideo's most basic paid plan. They begin with a brief overview of the new WeVideo dashboard and then begin importing video clips into WeVideo (6:01). After explaining how to drag media onto the timeline, Tyler touches on how to add transitions (10:15).

For additional ideas on cool transitions you can create using WeVideo, check out How to create custom transitions.

At (14:05) Max and Tyler switch gears and open up a template to show the drag and replace functionality. To get a deeper understanding of how you can use existing templates and/or create your own, check out this episode. Next, Max and Tyler give a demonstration on how to record webcam, audio, and screen in WeVideo (18:16).  Lastly, the Tuesday Tips duo wraps things up by explaining the export process, how to select your thumbnail and then download your video (23:00).