Animated intro creation

/ Max Thorpe

The introduction animation to the video above was made using quite a few video tracks. To start, we created icons in an image editing software like Canva or Photoshop. Next, we exported each as separate PNG files and imported them into WeVideo. From there we drag them onto separate tracks. In the preview screen we laid all of the images out in the design we wanted the final result to look like. The first item to be animated is on the bottom track and the last is on the top. Our clips are all stacked in a staggered layout like because we don’t want everything to animate at the same time. After everything was laid out the way we liked, we cut each of the clips into two parts. The first part is the half-second animation. The second part is the time it stays stagnant after the animation has ended. There are two types of animation in our intro, an animated slide, and an animated scaling.

Since this is a time-consuming process we recommend saving this as a project that you can reuse as a template for multiple videos, just like we have.