Communication with WeVideo

5 ways to boost communication skills among students

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Communication and storytelling have been gaining a lot of attention lately, especially their role in the classroom. This makes sense as effective communication is the foundation of human interaction. Many view communication as the most important skill for success as students enter the workforce and there is considerable evidence that the best communicators have greater professional success. So, it’s important …

5 strategies for kickstarting classroom creativity WeVideo

5 strategies for kickstarting classroom creativity this year

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Creativity is not only essential to school, but essential to a fulfilling life. Creativity is the ability to connect previously disconnected thoughts and ideas together in new more powerful ways. It allows us to fully express the joy, awe, and wonder in the world around us. Sir Ken Robinson, a leading education expert, shares that schools should be focusing on …

Participate in the Creativity Passport challenge to win products for your classroom

Take creativity, innovation and student voice to the next level with the Creativity Passport Challenge

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The creativity passport challenge is a fun way for educators to experience new products while earning a chance to win over $6,000 for in products at #ISTE18. What do this year’s six creativity passport companies have in common? 1. They are loved by forward-thinking educators, and 2. They support a shared goal of igniting creativity, student voice and confidence in learning – …

Eighth-grade video documentarians use WeVideo to shed new light on history

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Start with students who love history, add the thrill of competition, and combine those with a newly-minted passion for creating video documentaries and what do you get? A remarkable, authentic video created  by eighth-grade history documentarians Luka Abuladze and Aidan Mulvey. Under the guidance of enrichment teacher Jonathan Harvey, the pair took it upon themselves to represent Cavallini Middle School …

On the fast track to digital citizenship with WeVideo Essentials

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Promoting good digital citizenship is a widely held goal in education, but as WeVideo Ambassador Bruce Reicher, points out, “sometimes people confuse it with online safety, which is only one of nine components of digital citizenship.” WeVideo sat down with Reicher, a technology broadcasting teacher in Upper Saddle River, NJ  to learn more about his digital citizenship unit. Reicher explained, …

WeVideo’s New Chief Education Officer Wants to Meet You

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WeVideo was thrilled this month to announce that Dr. Nathan Lang has joined the company as our new Chief Education Officer. A former educator and administrator, and current author and popular speaker, Dr. Lang is a tireless advocate for helping schools tear down the legacy of classroom pedagogy in order to adopt methods that will fully prepare today’s students for …