3 of the Scariest Ghost Videos

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It’s nearly Halloween, and it would be silly not to discuss some of the world’s most famous ghost sightings and actual video encounters. As I’m writing this, I’ve already been out and done my fair share of research. Which is great for you because what I have to show you will quite frankly have you looking over your shoulder for …

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Creating a Scary Pop Up Video

Nikolay Tchaouchev for Life

Imagine this, you’re sitting at the kitchen table and you have a spare minute. You innocently open up your computer and check your email. With a quick skim through, you’re happy to see a good friend has forwarded you something with the subject line “You HAVE to watch this!” Your brain starts spinning as to what could be so important, and …

Become a Video Pro by Learning from Successful Amateurs

Nikolay Tchaouchev for Life, for Work

In a quickly rising trend, online video is starting to dominate the way savvy businesses leverage their marketing plans over their competitors. In fact, you might be surprised to know that individuals without any formal training whatsoever have been even more successful at making a name for themselves; performing various nifty tricks or bringing their audiences something with which they …


Getting All Emotional with Sound in Videos

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Are you looking for ways to take your video editing to the next level? You might be creating videos to share with friends, or you might be a full-time professional who wants to add a little something extra to edge out your competition. Whatever level your video editing skills, adding sound and music is a quick and simple way to …

3 Creative Ways Businesses Leverage Video for Marketing

Nikolay Tchaouchev for Work

While there are as many different ways to market a business as there are unique businesses to market, today’s fast-paced consumer needs more than a text-heavy website, snail-mailed coupon, or banner advertisement at a ballpark to attract and keep not only their interest, but also their loyalty. By leveraging short, informative, and professionally-edited videos, businesses can effectively market their brands, products, …

Improvements to WeVideo for Google Drive

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WeVideo is introducing some exciting improvements to WeVideo for YouTube and Google Drive. New themes Add style to your videos in an instant by applying a WeVideo Theme.  Themes apply color correction and music with a single click. Record a video on the spot Record a video on your webcam with our new in-app recording function!  It’s a great way …

America's Funniest Home Videos

Video Trends: Home Video Editing Wins the Day

Nikolay Tchaouchev News & Features

YouTube publishes online video trends to gauge the popularity of videos published on its site. An interesting meta-trend that emerges from keeping an eye on their trends is more and more of the “trending” videos are edited videos – not just point-and-shoot then uploaded YouTube. This may sound like a subtle point. However we, as loyal viewers of television shows, …

Social Media Engagement with Video: Connecting with Consumers

Nikolay Tchaouchev for Work

Brand managers are finding it increasingly difficult to rely on traditional media communication to reach their target consumers. Between the fragmentation of media choices, DVR-forwarding through commercial breaks, and decreasing TV viewing, reach has become much less predictable. Leading brand managers have already run experiments with social media, to test the communication power of their own customers’ referrals. However, this …