student using WeVideo for reflection

4 tools for documenting and reflecting with media

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This article was written in partnership with WeVideo Ambassador, Lucie deLaBruere. Lucie has been on the leading edge of education for over 30 years and  is a an incredible resource in the WeVideo community, so we invited her to share some of her favorite digital tools for documenting and reflecting. Follow Lucie on Twitter @techsavvygirl. Her Create Make Learn blog …

Jumpstart video creation in classrooms with WeVideo’s Digital Storytelling Toolkit

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At WeVideo we firmly believe that every students’ voice is important, that every student has a story to tell, and that every student has the power to make a positive impact in the world. In today’s classrooms, it’s becoming more and more important to provide supportive learning environments where all students are encouraged to discover their voice and communicate their …

Digital Storytelling with WeVideo

3 powerful examples of digital storytelling to amplify student voice

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We’ve been talking a lot about digital storytelling and how impactful it can be for developing confidence, voice and deeper learning among students. Digital storytelling involves the use of multimedia to share a narrative and has become a popular way to help students build communication skills across all subjects and grade levels. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out …

Communication with WeVideo

5 ways to boost communication skills among students

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Communication and storytelling have been gaining a lot of attention lately, especially their role in the classroom. This makes sense as effective communication is the foundation of human interaction. Many view communication as the most important skill for success as students enter the workforce and there is considerable evidence that the best communicators have greater professional success. So, it’s important …

WeVideo drives authentic learning experiences

Answer these 5 questions to unlock authentic learning experiences

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Imagine how motivated students would be if we stopped assigning work and instead provided opportunities for them to create amazing things that make them feel proud. That’s what we strive to achieve through authentic learning experiences. Authentic learning starts when students engage in learning that is both meaningful to them and related to the world they experience outside the classroom. …

5 strategies for kickstarting classroom creativity WeVideo

5 strategies for kickstarting classroom creativity this year

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Creativity is not only essential to school, but essential to a fulfilling life. Creativity is the ability to connect previously disconnected thoughts and ideas together in new more powerful ways. It allows us to fully express the joy, awe, and wonder in the world around us. Sir Ken Robinson, a leading education expert, shares that schools should be focusing on …

Video Newsletter: Back-to-school edition August 2018

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  Dear Educators, We hope you had a wonderful summer! We’ve been eager to share what we’ve been working on over the summer. Watch our very first *VIDEO* newsletter to get updates, project ideas, inspiration, and more! ? Don’t miss: (NEW!) Educator’s Getting Started Guide (google doc)- Check out our brand new guide filled with helpful tips to get started …

How to make a back-to-school video to get your students excited for the year

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Teachers! It’s the beginning of the school year. A time when we’re busy setting those foundational aspects of our classroom to make for a strong classroom environment to survive the trials and triumphs of true discovery, failure, and learning that will take place over the year. Things like setting expectations, classroom norms, building excitement for the learning that will happen, …

Teacher supporting students in their learning

Why is the teacher’s role so important in creating a student-centered classroom?

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We are at a crossroads in education. The role of the teacher has been changing dramatically during the past few decades, reflecting a more student-centric classroom. We have shifted from a viewpoint that emphasized  “how we teach” to one that now focuses on “how they learn.” What do we expect to see in today’s student-centered or learner-centered classroom? Students creating …

Digital storytelling, innovation and video creation in the San Ramon Valley (part 2)

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At the end of the 2018 school year, we shared a story about the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation and their exciting plans to incorporate video creation into their summer enrichment program with an eye toward developing curriculum opportunities for the future. They recently wrapped up their summer activities, and the WeVideo team was thrilled to capture the action. Watch …