What are educators saying about the impact of video creation in their classrooms?

February 14, 2018 / By
A summary of the 2018 Educators on Video in the Classroom study:

Teaching video creation skills provides a unique opportunity to shift a student’s perspective from a passive consumer of content to an engaged, empowered originator and owner of ideas. These are traits valued in higher education and the modern workplace. Video creation and consumption are becoming increasingly integral to the lives of today’s digital-first students. However, video creation is about more than great classroom experiences. It also provides a powerful tool as school and districts consider how to best achieve their high level education goals.
More than 400 K-12 educators responded to a recent survey designed to collect important information about how video creation and WeVideo impact learning. In the survey, 85% of educators said they agree that video creation is a critical digital skill, which is telling of the impact video has as a communication tool both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Below are a few other highlights from the survey. For more insights on the use of video in the classroom, check out the printable, one-page survey brief  or the complete infographic
The insights captured in this survey demonstrate the growing interest among educators in incorporating video creation in the classroom. The WeVideo team looks forward to continuing to empower and engage learners by providing powerful tools that help students demonstrate learning and build digital communication skills.

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