New WeVideo Product Enhancements

May 3, 2013 / By

We are pleased to be rolling out several improvements and new features with our May product release. Many of these result directly from our customers’ feedback – so keep it coming.

International character input

WeVideo now supports the use of non-Latin letters and characters in text editing for your videos, for both our web editor and our Android smartphone app. This includes top-to-bottom, right-to-left and “double-byte” characters for languages such as Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and more.
WeVideo International character input

Full-screen mode

Many of our customers are using WeVideo on large desktop monitors and have asked why we don’t go across the full screen, to make it easier to work with more complex edits. Well, now we do. With this release, the whole screen can be utilised, and will scale to whatever window size you choose.
WeVideo Full-screen mode

Preview window resizing

In Timeline editing mode on our web editor, the preview window can now be resized so that more tracks can be seen at the same time, rather than just scrolling up and down your tracks. When working with multi-layer video and audio edits, this makes a big difference in speed and ease of use.
WeVideo Preview Window Resize

Video and photo clip control

Previously only available in the Advanced editing mode, we have now added the ability to flip and rotate videos and photos in the Storyboard editing mode, too. This makes it easy for relatively novice users to have much more creative control over the scenes they use in their story.
WeVideo Transform

Monthly tutorials

We’ve been adding video tutorials to our web editor, to make it easier for people to quickly grasp new and existing features. However, starting this month we are embarking on a series of monthly tutorials to get more out of your editing experience. See the WeVideo Quick Tips video channel.
WeVideo Tutorials
We have also assembled a WeVideo Online Editing FAQ to further help you accelerate your mastery of WeVideo.

Smart Timeline

The Timeline editing mode is now a “smart” timeline, that automatically adjusts as you edit. When two clips collide, WeVideo moves the clip that is being overlapped below the other, so that they are vertically stacked when overlapping. When you are overlapping clips you will see the consequence of the action visualized before you drop the clip to the timeline.

Google Drive integration

We have updated our Google Drive integration to make it more robust. We no longer support the functionality to automatically copy media files organized in your WeVideo Google Drive folder to WeVideo. This is because many users have complained about granting permission to “read all documents” that this functionality required.
However, you can still copy files from Google Drive to WeVideo. To import media files from Google Drive, use the Import function under Upload in the Editor.

Performance improvements

As with every release, we have found and fixed several minor bugs and improved the performance and reliability of our products. Please do keep your feedback coming – it is invaluable.
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