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WeVideo Product Design Interview

/ Nikolay Tchaouchev

We’ve all experienced our fair share of apps and websites that make us gnash and wail when we try to navigate them: complex, disorganized, and a bit “rough around the edges”.
At WeVideo, we work hard to deliver the tools that you need to easily create and share your stories. But making a functional product is not enough. We strive to make this the easiest and most intuitive online editor that you will ever use.
For our most recent release, we decided to introduce you to our UI/UX Designer, Nikolay Tchaouchev and asked him to give you some insight into the latest release.

In the video, Nik touches on several elements that are now live, as of this week:

Simplified Video Tracks

Video tracks are now universal so that you can add photos, videos, graphics, and animations anyway and anywhere you want.

Automatic Tracks

We’ve added a smart feature to the timeline, that automatically adds a track when you have overlapping clips. This eliminates the need to manually create one, making your working process much faster.

New edit controls

The edit controls are now less intrusive, by having added them to the top of each clip. These new controls are visible regardless of your zoom resolution, keeping them close to your work area.

Opacity and volume

We’ve made our opacity and volume levels easier to access, by hiding the trim handles automatically, giving you a clear view of the levels.
Our features and tools are inspired by your workflow. Please do continue to give us your feedback, so that we can constantly improve WeVideo and make this a product that you love to use!
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