WeVideo Launches iMovie Competitor App for Android

February 26, 2013 / By

For years, Android-videographers have watched helplessly as iPhone owners had all the mobile video editing fun in iMovie. Now, cloud-based video editing company, WeVideo has delivered a new app that helps people capture, style, create and publish great looking videos and even mini-movies. Unlike iMovie, the new WeVideo Android app syncs with the cloud and WeVideo’s full-featured video editor, accessible from any online computer.
WeVideo android beta
Capture Footage From an Android Camera or use the mobile content already on the phone.
Creative Control Arrange clips, adjust track volume and stylize with any one of the unique WeVideo themes, with built-in music, filters, transitions and titles.
Mobile Media Integration Add and edit video, music and photos from your phone.
Expansive Exporting Export final videos to WeVideo, YouTube, and Facebook. Customers can even export to their phone.
Mobile-To-Cloud Syncing Content created on the WeVideo Android app syncs with the cloud and can be edited with full creative control on the WeVideo.com editor.

What Android phones support the WeVideo app?
Samsung Galaxy S III
The Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Google Nexus
Google Nexus 4
More devices to be added soon.
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