WeVideo Hub – More Secure, Better Control, Now with Analytics

May 9, 2014 / By

Today we’re announcing some significant improvements for our WeVideo Hub. Our team worked closely with current users of multi-user accounts and partners to collect feedback and come up with the improvements. The features are relevant for all our Enterprise customers whether it is School districts or businesses. The Admin Dashboard is not available in the Individual accounts.
Most of the new changes are designed to give Administrators more control over the available features and privacy settings for their users. We have also added useful feedback in the form of individual or account reports. Let’s quickly go over those features.

Admin Dashboard

WeVideo Admin Dashboard
The new Admin page now has a dashboard with three main sections – Users & Groups, Reports, and Settings. There’s also a snapshot of your account’s status for licenses, used storage and export time.

Users and Groups

WeVideo Admin Users
We’ve added individual pages for each user where you can track activity, perform actions, easily watch and even review their final video productions. Activity data is collected month to month, but you also have the option to view the all time summary.


WeVideo Admin Report
It is where you can acquire analytic data about all the members within your multi-user account. You can access in-depth statistics of user activity on a monthly or all-time basis. We will update this functionality in future releases to add more advanced reporting and visualization capabilities.


WeVideo Admin Settings
Settings is where you can define the limits of your “Walled-Garden.” You can provide a more controlled and limited experience, or you can allow members to publish to YouTube, download their videos or share those to Facebook and Twitter. We’ve also added customization of the allowed Import locations. This feature will allow you to control where users can upload files from – pick the ones you deem appropriate for your user group. Uncheck All will only allow them to upload from their local computers.

WeVideo Help and SupportHelp

Should you need help anywhere in the Hub, press on the help icon icon on top and the Help bar will slide for you. We’ve also added relevant videos and a direct feedback form to our Support team. Click on the green button at the bottom if you’ll require more in-depth guidance. You can always visit our “WeVideo Academy” video channel to get more video tutorials.


WeVideo Sort Projects
To make it easier for you to organize files and folders, we’ve added sorting to Projects, Media, and Groups. Look for the sort icon button on those pages and give it a try.

Cleaner UI

You’ll also notice we’ve polished our UI a bit to make things simpler and more intuitive for you.
To help us make WeVideo even better, please send us your feedback.
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