Ripple Edit, Improved Google Drive Workflow, New Media Formats

August 19, 2013 / By

The WeVideo platform has been significantly improved; simplified deployment and access for Google Apps users, improved editing of multi-layered timelines (ripple edit), support for new audio and video formats and general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Simplified deployment and access when using WeVideo for Google Chrome

On the Chrome Web Store, WeVideo is one of the most popular video editing apps. It is the same version as, but it integrates tightly with Google Chrome / Google Drive:

  • One click launch from your Chrome browser
  • Open your Video projects directly from Google Drive (Open with)
  • Automatic setup of social connection to Google Drive for exports

As of today, all video projects will be synced to Google Drive (includes all existing projects) for WeVideo for Google Chrome users. We also improved the start page for Google Chrome so that you can open existing videos directly from the page.
WeVideo Google Drive
For organizations using Google Apps, we now support accessing Google directory structure when users are signing up. We use this to gather information about roles and membership in organization units. This simplifies project collaboration in larger organizations. Google Directory integration is only included in Business and Education subscriptions.

Ripple Edit

Finally, we are closing the circle. It has been on the list for more than a year, but now we are giving our sophisticated users what they need to edit complex stories. When making changes on the main video layer, all other layers will ripple through unless you have locked a specific layer. A ripple edit means moving an edit point and causing the rest of the timeline to move the same amount to compensate. All clips following the shortened or extended clip are moved accordingly in the Timeline.

Ripple Edit is available with premium subscriptions.

Support for new media formats

We have added support for wider range of video codecs so that you don’t have to worry about video formats. Below are some of the new formats added:

  • Apple Intermediate Codec
  • Apple Prores
  • Go2Webinar
  • Microsoft Screen 1
  • Microsoft Screen 2
  • Microsoft ATC Screen
  • TechSmith Screen Codec 2
  • Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen
  • Flash Screen Video 2

Performance and stability improvements

As with every release, we have found and fixed several minor bugs and improved the performance and reliability of our products.
Our Web Editor is now using a lot less memory during playback of long stories. This should eliminate Flash Player crashes on systems with low memory.

More How-to videos

WeVideo Tutorials
We’ve been adding more video tutorials to our web editor, to make it easier for people to quickly grasp new and existing features. However, starting this month we are embarking on a series of monthly tutorials to allow you to get more out of your editing experience. Explore the WeVideo Academy video channel
WeVideo Online Editing FAQ to further help you accelerate your mastery of WeVideo.
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