Theme Text Formatting Made Easier

June 21, 2013 / By

WeVideo Themes have made it really easy to bring consistency to your video. However, the handling of text in the titles of those themes needed improvement – you couldn’t see what you would get on the final export.
With our latest release, we have added more control by enabling you to change text formatting while maintaining the simplicity and visual uniformity of Themes. You also now have the ability to add and remove multiple title clips. The Themes now have the option to add an end/credits clip, too. All of this while maintaining the uniform styling of Themes.

And today we’re adding more font type support. This gives you more control over personalizing titles and captions throughout your videos.
Here are three distinct type treatments, for the same video:
WeVideo Theme Text Formatting
WeVideo Theme Text Formatting
WeVideo Theme Text Formatting
And here’s the full video, because nothing says “eat me” like freshly-baked bread…

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