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  • Shape Matters: Create, publish and share square video with all WeVideo individual & business subscription plans

Shape Matters: Create, publish and share square video with all WeVideo individual & business subscription plans

/ Rebecca Young

Video dominates our social feeds these days. Facebook users alone watch 100 million hours of video per day. But while we love video, both for personal sharing and business engagement, not all video is created equal.

Quality and content (and of course, cute cats) matter, but did you know that the shape of your videos matters, too? Facebook recommends square formatted video. They even require square formatted video for some of the advertising placed on their platform. Repeated advertising studies have shown that square video is the preferred format, especially on mobile, and now WeVideo has made publishing square video easy.

Why does square work? Square video takes up 78% more space than horizontal in mobile social media feeds. If you want the biggest bang for your buck, that greater visibility translates into better engagement. Whether you are after likes from friends or views and clicks from customers, getting your audience’s attention is the first step to success.

Creating square video is easy. The entire WeVideo platform is now optimized to let you create and publish in square, horizontal or both simultaneously. Best of all, WeVideo does all of the work for you, letting you seamlessly and effortlessly move between formats.

WeVideo’s professionally designed motion titles, themes, storyboard and timeline editing, effortless photo animation, text callouts, graphics, backgrounds and more all transform automatically to suit either format. WeVideo’s powerful cloud-based platform does all processing and transformation behind the scenes, adjusting your video clips and photos to fit perfectly.

Start making your edits in either format and you’ll be able to effortlessly convert to the other. WeVideo automatically and intelligently adapts all of the assets in your timeline to fit the new format. You’ll be able to output your final video to either or both. Of course, you retain full control and can reposition, resize, and perfect every aspect of your edit before publishing and sharing your final video in either format.

Square format is available right now for all WeVideo individual and business subscription plans. Give it a quick try now by converting one of your existing videos to see just how it works for you.

Your social media fans will “like” you for it, and you will love the enhanced engagement. Yes, it is hip to be square.