New Feature Focus: Color Correction and Pre-Trim

October 23, 2017 / By

We’re always working to enhance WeVideo. Sometimes you see this reflected as new features. Other times we make changes to how you work with WeVideo in order to make things easier, faster, and more flexible.
But why not do both? In this blog, we’ll take a look at two recent updates to the WeVideo app that we think you’ll put to great, creative use immediately.

Enhanced color correction tools to brighten your day

Color Correction
WeVideo has always provided you with tools to alter the look of your video assets. In the past, you were able to change the overall look of your video clips using handy, pre-made themes–vintage, punk rock, etc.
Don’t worry! We’re not taking those popular and easy-to-use options away.
What we have done is provided you with the option to use a greatly expanded color correction toolset, for those times when you have a particular look of your own in mind. Our new Color Correction tool lets you individually adjust characteristics including brightness, tint, contrast, saturation, hue, color temperature and temperature. Handy sliders let you truly hand craft your desired look. As you make even the slightest change, you’ll see it reflected in real time in the preview window.
These are the kinds of color correction tools professionals look for because they put you in complete control. It is handy in so many applications. Sometimes the camera just doesn’t get things right or you just want to create a specific mood or feel to better tell your story. With color correction, you can brighten dark footage, darken overly bright footage, adjust the color temperature to be cooler or warmer, and much more. It’s also a powerful creative tool. Color correction is perfect for setting the mood and controlling the emotion conveyed by your story, from flat and somber to big, brash and bold. Go ahead and give it a try!

Pre-Trim to improve your workflow

If you’ve worked with WeVideo, then you already know how to trim a video clip to suit your needs: drag the clip to the timeline, scrub through the clip to find the bit that you want to use, and then trim, cut, or delete as needed.
With the new pre-trim feature, we’ve made this process easier and more efficient. Instead of first dragging your clip to the timeline–a timeline that might already be packed with other assets–you can now get to the sweet spot right in the media bin. Just click on the video asset you want to use and then use the two convenient handles provided in the preview window to mark the starting point (called an “in point” by pros) and the end point (an “out point”) of your clip. That’s it! Then just drag your clip to the timeline and you’ll have just the bit you needed. Don’t worry, the in and out points are non-destructive and can always be changed later.
We think that you will find that this enhancement will really improve how your work in WeVideo.