Meet WeVideo at SXSW – Booth #200

March 8, 2014 / By

Come and see how WeVideo is disrupting video creation for media and businesses globally, and how major brands are interacting with fans and customers in new and engaging ways.
WeVideo at SXSW 2014
WeVideo is in Austin at SXSW (from March 9th – March 12th), and we hope to see you at Booth #200.

WeVideo disrupting news, media, and publishing

The old ways of doing video are no longer sufficient in the next wave of the digital media revolution. How do you enable an organization which is used to produce text and images to now also create videos?
We are doing live demos of our new enterprise cloud solution allowing news, publishing and media companies to increase and scale video production in a cost-efficient way, while maintaining video quality, security, and providing new ways of engaging with their end-users.

Crowd-based video remixing to enable brand engagement

WeVideo has worked with many of the world’s largest brands and media companies to engage fans and customers to mashup brand stories and commercials. These brands include Disney, Sony Pictures, Audi, Channel 4 (UK) and many more.
Read more about our Social Video Engagement solution online. Come to see how we have taken it to the next level to also include mobile.

WeVideo disrupting video production for business and enterprises

The use of video is exploding in businesses and enterprise worldwide. With the boom of online video, traditional video production methods are no longer sufficient.
Come and see how you can enable your whole distributed organization to collaborate on video production for marketing, sales, support and training while maintaining control of the workflow and at the same time ensuring high quality video output.
Please visit Booth #200 in the Main Exhibition Hall to see live demos of our solutions that work on any device, including smartphones. We hope to talk with you about the future of video at SXSW!
Email to request a meeting.
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