Massive iOS app update!

May 6, 2016 / By

We just had a big iOS app update pushed out into the wild. It contains a significant number of new features:

  • Automatically create awesome slideshows with pan-and-zoom animations
  • Advanced Ken Burns effect editing
  • Freely position your overlay text anywhere in your clip
  • Design your caption text with many fonts and colors
  • Make your videos come alive with our brand new royalty-free music library
  • Fine tune your experience with the new Settings screen 
    giphy (14)giphy (15)
    giphy (12)giphy (13)

New enterprise/school features

  • Optimize bandwidth and time use by choosing to upload trimmed media
  • Bypass uploading source media with the new Save & Publish workflow
  • Enjoy the improved publish screen layout
  • Access custom publish destination from you mobile device

IMG_1199 IMG_1198


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