Drinking the WeVideo Champagne

November 13, 2017 / By

Do you know who enjoys playing with new WeVideo features as much as you? We do! In fact, we set aside one late Friday afternoon, every month for a special event we call “Drinking our own champagne.” It is a highlight of the WeVideo calendar that is tremendous fun and a reflection of who we strive to be as a company. In fact, it is such a part of WeVideo that its origins are inextricably linked to the very earliest days of WeVideo, when our small staff would gather to catch our breath and take an hour to see each other’s progress.
These days the events take a variety of forms. Sometimes they are free-form chats, others are educational and about upcoming features, but perhaps the most popular are when we issue a fun challenge. Everyone brings in personal photos and videos, favorite music, and other digital snapshots from their life, the office, and the world at large. Then we all go to work to create something fun. The challenge? The project must make extensive use of our newest, yet-to-be-revealed feature.
For those of us developing the product, it is both a thrilling and nervous experience. In this process, the whole WeVideo team pokes and prods at features new and old, with an eye toward constant improvement. Maybe we got a new feature right, but impacted something else? Maybe a new feature isn’t as obvious as we thought. After all, what good is a feature if users don’t know where to find it?
Before a rich feature like Motion Titles landed on your desktop or mobile app, our whole team had a shot at it. Some of us are video pros; others are in sales, support and operations and are far removed from video editing or product development. This is our opportunity to make sure that things are intuitive, easy to use, and execute the way they should. It’s become a critical step in our process to ensure that buttons are in the right place, menus are properly detailed, and that the app responds the way users expect.
Even more importantly, these events bring us together as a team. The best part about Drinking our own Champagne is that it helps ensure that everyone of us is engaged and excited about the work we are doing for WeVideo users. Everyone has a part in shaping the product of which we are all so proud.
Check out this sample video from our team: